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Energy Healing Toolkit

Gain Confidence &Hone your Healing Skills.

You’ve tapped into the magic of energy healing, either by receiving it, by diving into reiki or another modality. You sense there is so much more to explore, so much more available under the surface. You’re called to heal yourself deeper, to develop your toolkit and to become a better guide to others in their healing.

Within Energy Healing Toolkit, you will hone your healing skills through:

  • Learning & applying 6 healing tools that come in handy no matter your main modality: The 6 pre-recorded training modules are “Guiding & Working with Visualization”, “Deep Listening”, “Intuitive Reading”, “Parts Work”, “Boundaries & Cord Cutting”, “The Art of Guiding”.
  • Applying these tools to your own healing journey: Through self-assigned homework, you will apply your learning to your own healing journey every week so that you can taste the power of these tools for yourself first.
  • Guiding others in their journey to healing: During 6 workshop meetings, you will both give & receive healing sessions (this will take your out of your comfort zone and you will do great).
  • Receiving dynamic & interactive guidance.Our classes will require you to show up as both a mess and a masterpiece, to be seen and to see others. You will surrender yourself to a transformative journey and hold others through the same.
Hone your skills . | Gain Confidence . | Heal

The Details

The format:

Group :

We meet a total of 6 times in small groups of between 4 and 8 students. All workshop times are through zoom where you’re required to show up with mic and video on. You receive access to a learning portal where you’ll find recorded meditations, “how to” trainings, conceptual guidance & more.

The exchange:

  • Group :
    $720 + tax

The Dates:


6 Tuesday evenings from 7pm – 9pm ET, starting April 9, 2024.


Following the same format (6 weeks), the next dates are: 6 Thursday afternoons from 1pm – 3pm ET, starting October 3, 2024

The Location

Online through a Learning Portal and Zoom (for group program only)

What happens as
soon as you sign up:

As soon as you sign up, you will receive an e-mail with access to your online learning portal, where you’ll have instant access to your welcome materials. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your course.

There’s only one way to gain confidence and that’s to do the thing.

– Inge

Healing Teacher Inge Broer

About The teacher

Hi, I’m Inge. I’d love to be your guide for this Energy Healing Toolkit journey.

Upon conducting hudnreds of healing sessions with clients, I found myself naturally integrating tools beyond the scope of Reiki (my main modality). These were tools I was already using with myself daily and I found them to be an enriching of non-verbal energy work in that it allows for a bridging between the subconscious and conscious minds. To my great delight, I found that once experienced, the tools are quite natural to use and apply, allowing my clients’ to take these tools back home with them, producing sustainable healing results.

After using them for a few years in this way, I decided to formalize them and put them together in this Energy Healing Toolkit course. It appears that my students also find them easy to learn and life-changing to put into practice.

It’d be a great delight to take you through.

What past students have to say:

Inge’s Energy Healing Toolkit course is life changing. The classes that are offered are so impactful and, in my opinion, essential to the human experience. If you are looking to have more resources on how to face challenges, enhance your personal or spiritual development, or even just looking for new ways to navigate life, this course will offer just that. Personally, I would love to see this course added to schools.

Thank you so much, Inge. You are an incredible teacher, the best listener that I have yet to meet, and your dedication to healing, is inspiring. Really, and truly, thank you.

– Amanda S.
Bea M.

Highly recommend! This program gave me the confidence, language, and tools I needed to offer intuitive guidance & energy healing sessions to clients! I would not be where I am today as a holistic wellness practitioner without this comprehensive course! I am forever grateful for this course, from the content, to the practice, to the support of Inge in each of our individual healing and healer journeys.

– Bea M.

Inge’s work and presence is truly magical. She teaches and guides with grace, trustworthiness and authenticity. She can turn any situation into a learning experience and she gives valuable and genuine feedback that will help us, her students, learn, grow and heal in the process. All her programmes have been transformative, but it seems that this one made me understand even more how energy healing works and why it is so powerful. Thank you Inge for your exceptional leadership and your wisdom, and for holding a space where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed! Forever grateful!

– Karine L.
Amaya S.

Working with Inge is always wonderful. She leads beautiful, kindly, whole-heartedly. This program brought me so much: greater confidence, greater trust in myself and my ability to heal both myself and others and so much more! The training and tools I was expecting and the content didn’t dissapoint. What I wasn’t expecting and am that much more greatful for is the personal growth and increased knowledge of my inner work that I have achieved in this magic space Inge holds so gracefully for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏❤️

– Amaya S.

The 6 weeks I spent with Inge and the 5 other beautiful souls that decided to join this journey were deeply healing and transformative. The safe space Inge created allowed us to immediately feel comfortable and connected with each other, and the format of each session was perfect to help us practice with confidence, and truly unleash our inner healer. This program is not only incredible to provide tools and practices to guide your clients, but also dive into new layers of your own healing, alongside kindred spirits that are mirroring back parts of yourself as well. Inge’s intuitive guidance and ability to foster a tight knit community was just so wonderful. I highly recommend the Energy Healing Toolkit

– Pascale

What a great beautiful workshop this was. Inge is really talented at holding space and providing a flowing and interactive learning environment. Inge is generous with her knowledge and gave real life exemples that made the learning experience so much more fun and integrative.

This was my first online group workshop and I really enjoyed the formula. All the participants in the group brought something to the table witch made the learning experience even more fun and complete. I am also very grateful to have made such beautiful connections and to have had the opportunity to heal and grow with a beautiful group of souls. Wether you be a new, a seasoned healer, or just searching for new ways to connect with your self, I guarantee you will find something in this class that will resonate with you . Thank you Inge from the bottom of my heart .

– Eric

Working with Inge has been such a beautiful and eye opening experience! Inge shares her knowledge in such an amazing genuine way! I would definitely recommend this course if you are ready to embark on a journey that will open your heart and mind to all the blessings that energy healing can provide to both you and the world!

– Anna Di Francesco

Inge is an incredibly generous, powerful, intuitive, gentle and playful healer, and her listening and communication skills are on point!

She’s an amazing space-holder, listener, communicator and coach. Her workshop provided way more value and breakthroughs than I expected, having done a lot of courses and trainings before.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to gain clarity, confidence and power in energy healing work, as well as with developing intuition and healthy boundary management.

She’s a gem in the world and it’s an honour to know her and work with her.

– Geneviève B

This course was truly inspirational and remarkable. I had previously studied Reiki I and II with Inge. My intention initially was to practice Reiki for self-healing. I took this course to further develop my the practices in my healing “toolkit.” The session was so enlightening and helpful; both for my own self-healing journal and inspired me even more to potentially start offering healings for others.

I always considered myself someone who was intuitive but this course took it to the next level. I now am able to “read” my intuition more clearly, both for myself and in service of others. I learned about different practices including inner child healing, boundaries work and how to ensure alignment within oneself.

Inge is a kind, patient and truly gifted healer + teacher. It’s an honour to work with her and the information I received was invaluable in helping me along my life’s path and in fostering my capability to further help others.

– Alessandra
James B.

As someone who has done Reiki I, II and III with Inge as well as other workshops here and there, I found myself contemplating where to go next. I was very private about my Reiki practice and while I was confident in my methods, I still felt the need to do some soul work and acquire more flexibility to work with a wider range of individuals; not just friends and friends of friends.

This class gave me all this… and so much more.

Inge holds space for our quirks, intuition, and mistakes. We are treated as equals rather than students no matter where we are coming from and grow immensely as a result. The videos/workshops really help you integrate the tools and see with experience how they will benefit your self-work as well as improving your ability to be present for others.

The tools and working with like minded people do wonders for tapping into the deeper lessons you need to integrate and if you’re on the fence about this, just do it!

It’ll benefit you more than you could imagine and I’d vouch for this workshop any time. I could never thank Inge enough for providing workshops like this.

– James B.

This was eye-opening for me. I was looking for a structured but flexible way to set up healing sessions. This course did that, and so much more.

The tools presented here are invaluable for anyone in the business of helping others: doulas, reiki practitioners, coaches, massage therapists and the like. I have been guided to hone the skills I already had, and I have discovered new ones as well. Inge is a truly gifted teacher.

This course is so powerful, it’s a healing journey for healers, combined with a how-to, both practical and magical. Thank you Inge for your generosity in sharing your tools and your light. ❤️

– Chantal


If you’re at a stage where you truly want to only focus on your self-healing and feel that being asked to hold space for someone else will be an unwelcome challenge, you might be better served by starting with Healing Presence instead.

If you’re unwilling or unable to lean into discomfort and vulnerability, this is not the format for you. You will be required to get uncomfortable in order to grow, hone your skills and gain confidence.

If you’re unable to show up any less than 5 out of the 6 the workshops, it’s better to wait for a time where you can.

Over the last 3 years teaching this course, it has not yet happened. If the reviews are any indication, the opposite has. That said, of course this is possible! $75 of your group course fee is non-refundable. If after the first class you decide the course is not for you and you decide to walk away, you will be refunded the rest. After that time there will be no refunds.

If you’re unsure if this course is for you, the best thing is to book a call with Inge.

Life sometimes gets in the way.

If you have to cancel before the course starts or after only one class – $75 of your group course fee is non-refundable, but can be applied as a credit to a future course.

If you have to cancel after class 2, we can credit you your course fee for a future Energy Healing Toolkit course.

Yes! You can split the fee into two payments. E-mail for instruction.

In a manner of speaking, YES. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to your online portal, where you’ll find your materials. For the journey itself, you’ll have to wait your first class.

If your Energy Healing Toolkit course starts in more than 6 weeks from now, you can also deepen your healing journey with Healing Presence, which starts as soon as you sign up. Check it out here. If you’ve already done it, I invite you to start it again with a new focus. It will greatly help your Energy Healing Toolkit journey.

For the group, if you miss a zoom class, you will receive the recording (as long as everyone gives permission). If you miss an in-person class, you will be invited to catch up with a fellow student or student-teacher (if available). If you need to miss the first class, it’s best to reschedule the course entirely.

If you already know you’re going to be missing a class, best check with Inge before signing up to create a plan.

It’s best to do this after Healing Presence & Reiki I. Other than that, take it when you feel called! It can be at the tail end of the program or towards the beginning. It’s up to you. In the formal certificate, we do the following order: Healing Presence, Reiki I, Chakra Journey, Reiki II, Energy Healing Toolkit, Reiki III, Healing Integrity.

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