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Ideal clients, booked and ready to heal their socks off, are showing up at your doorstep.

All your tech is handled, and all you need to do is to show up for the healing work.

You’re receiving real mentorship from someone who’s truly been there and done that.

You’re invited into soul-level inquiries that will allow your deepest, most impactful work to come forward.

All the while… you call the shots. It’s your business. You decide when and where to work, and for how much.

Sound good? Then you might want to join our team.
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Here’s who we’re looking for:

You’re a reiki practitioner and…

  • you live your healing work by prizing your integrity in everything you do.
  • you’ve invested in your healing work. You’ve done training beyond reiki, you’ve worked on yourself and you’re committed to your clients’ empowerment.
  • you’ve got your business set up (your healing space, your liability insurance, your business number registrations).
  • you adore helping people heal and you’re good at it, but marketing yourself and/or handling your tech? Not something you’re so comfortable with yet.

You’re a reiki practitioner and…

  • you live in a majoritarily English-speaking community of at least 600 000 people.
  • you have at least 3 availabilities a week to see clients in person for reiki & energy healing work.
  • you desire to receive mentorship from an experienced healer (who has conducted over 2500 sessions) so you can become the best healer you can be.
  • you’re willing to invest in yourself as a business owner, slowly learn marketing and develop your thought leadership WHILE you see clients. (Your investment with us will be in between $100 and $500 a month. Book a call to learn the details).

You know everything will fall into place for you long-term, as long as you can start working with clients today.
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