Purple swirling smoke, denoting the aspect of ourselves that is immaterial and soulful.

Soul Back to basics of Energy Healing

No ‘back to basics to energy healing’ would be complete without a discussion of the soul. However, unlike all the other topics I’ve covered here, this one really is entirely spiritual in nature and is all about how we choose to make sense of our human experience.As always, you get to make up your own mind.

Here’s how these three tie together for me. These are my personal views. They’re ideas that I know many share and many helpful, but this is really the realm of the mystery. We can’t really know.It feels to me like the soul is like a bit of a space cowboy, here to have experiences, live the density of earthly existence and just generally HERE FOR IT.I like to think that before I came here, it had some kind of a curriculum planning session… saying, this time around, I want to learn: ‘shining bright’ and ‘self-expression’ and ‘the balance between autonomy and intimacy’

and then it joyfully proceeded to pulling in the exact experiences that would set me up to learn these lessons. In human terms? To give me contrast! It recruited people that would give me the exact right wounds for me to learn the exact right lessons.

The human-me doesn’t always love this, but when I apply the principles I’ve outlined in this back-to-basics series, I get to learn those lessons fast and have a LOT of fun.



  • Ask yourself a simple question:
  • ‘Let’s say my soul chose this experience, what is it the PERFECT lesson for?’



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