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Hands sending light-filled healing energy to a budding flower
Reiki I

AwakenYour inner Healer

You’ve heard the call for some time now. You’ve been meditating, diving into your spiritual work and you’re fascinated. The next step is now clear: awaken the healer in you, learn more about energy in an experiential way, find out how it all works… and maybe, just maybe learn to help others heal too.

Within Reiki I, you will awaken your inner healer through:

  • Receiving information + training: attunements, conceptual training, “how to” guides, the history of Reiki & so much more is included in the course. Much of this is recorded through videos & manuals so you have access way beyond the time of our course.
  • Doing a 21-day self-healing journey. Every day, you connect to Reiki energy, healing, balancing, cleansing your energy and awakening your intuition in the process. Your experience with the energy will be your real teacher.
  • Becoming a Reiki channel for others. As of week 3, we’re shifting our focus from channeling Reiki for yourself, to channeling it for others. This includes practical guidance and in-depth explorations about energetic hygiene, boundaries & taking on other people’s energy.
  • Receiving dynamic & interactive guidance. Our classes feel like conversations with dear friends (where you happen to learn and grow a lot). As a human you know a lot more than you think about energy & healing and it’s our job to draw that out. Whatever comes up for you through the journey is open for conversation.
Become a Reiki Practitioner. | Reconnect to Source Energy. | Heal Yourself

The Details

The format:

Group :

We meet weekly on zoom for 6 weeks. The groups are small (between 4 and 8 students). You also receive a manual, recorded meditations + “how to” trainings accessible in a learning portal and (when possible) access to one in-person Reiki share in your area.

Individual :

We meet a total of 4 times 90-minutes. All via zoom. You also receive a manual, recorded meditations + “how to” trainings accessible in a learning portal and (when possible) access to one in-person Reiki share in your area.

The exchange:

  • Group :
    $425 + tax
  • Individual :
    $690 + tax

The Dates:


6 Saturdays from 9.30am – 11am ET.Next cohort starts April 27, 2024.

Following the same format (6 consecutive weeks), the next start dates will be: Wednesdays from 1-2.30pm ET, starting June 12, and then Saturdays from 9.30-11am ET, starting September 21.

Individual :

4 x 90-minute sessions via zoom. Flexible dates. Due to Inge’s travel, pregnancies and family schedules, individual Reiki classes aren’t always available. E-mail her at to inquire.

The Location

Online through a Learning Portal and Zoom (for group program only)

What happens as
soon as you sign up:

As soon as you sign up, you will receive an e-mail with access to your online learning portal, where you’ll have instant access to your welcome materials. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your course.

There’s a healer inside of you waiting to emerge. It’s time to let them come out.

– Inge Broer

Inge Broer, Reiki master, looking ahead

About The teacher

Hi, I’m Inge. I’d love to be your Reiki guide.

In 2010 I found myself in my first Reiki class. I sat there arms crossed, brows furrowed, thinking “this doesn’t make sense”. With that first Reiki journey, I met resistance, fought many inner battles and yet my bigger mind knew I was somehow finally home and in contact with something gentle and true.

Looking back, I see I needed to face those struggles so that I can teach this gentle, yet powerful healing modality from a place of true experience and allows me to welcome my students’ struggles with a warm-hearted smile and their healing with knowing celebration. Hopefully, through me, the practice of Reiki will get you to the place of love, intuition & trust it’s brought me.

What past students have to say:

Emily Verrecchia, Reiki Master

“I participated in reiki 1 with Inge and since then my eyes have opened up to a whole new world around us. There’s no looking back and I cannot express how much this work has changed me for the better. I now know that we can and should be actively participating in this wonderful energy world that surrounds us!”

– Emily
David Barrazza, Life coach

“I took Reiki I with Inge one year ago and totally my life started to shift. This training helped me to understand how energy works, how to balance my chakras and to be more present and attentive to what changes are happening in my surroundings. I love the way Inge runs the program, very clear and practical.”

– Davud Barraza
James Bernard, Reiki Master

“Reiki 1 with Inge enabled me to understand the lessons energy had taught me before and prepare me for those to come. Not only are you introduced to a powerful tool but you gain various techniques to facilitate your own healing process as well as those you will facilitate as a Reiki user for others. I believe that I wouldn`t be who I am today had I not taken this class and others with Inge and I will always be grateful for it.”

– James Bernard
Eve Lackman

“Inge is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping others discover their passions and getting in touch with your inner energy. I’m very happy with the outcome from the Reiki I course and I will probably continue taking other classes to get to master reiki.”

– Eve L


If you’re doing Reiki I solely for the certificate, it’s not for you. If you want to do Reiki I to confirm that you are somehow special, this is not the place for you. Despite us all having very unique and incredible gifts (and they’re amazing and you’ll definitely start discovering how yours work!), we firmly believe that Reiki is a practice accessible to everyone. Finally, we’ve built Reiki I to be a healing journey to be experienced over several weeks. Your sustained involvement will be required. If you’re coming solely for the initiation, there are other Reiki I certificates done over a day, we recommend you check those out.

Since 2015, with over a hundred students, this has happened once or twice. $75 of your group course fee is non-refundable. If after the first class you decide the course is not for you and you decide to walk away, you will be refunded the rest. After that time there will be no refunds.

If you’re unsure if this course is for you, the best thing is to book a call with Inge.

Life sometimes gets in the way.

If you have to cancel before the course starts or after only one class – $75 of your group course fee is non-refundable, but can be applied as a credit to a future course.

If you have to cancel after class 2 – We can take measures to have you complete the course individually (you will make up the difference between fees) or we can credit you your course fee for a future Reiki I course.

Yes! You can split the fee into two payments.

For the group, $425 = $225 upon registration + $200 before the third class.

Individually, $690 = $390 before your first class + $300 before your third class.

YES. In a manner of speaking. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to your online portal, where you’ll find a welcome meditation as well as some welcome materials. For the journey itself, you’ll have to wait your first class.

If your Reiki course starts in more than 6 weeks from now, you can also start your healing journey with Healing Presence, which starts as soon as you sign up. Check it out here.

For the group, if you miss a zoom class and you are able to let me know ahead of time, you may receive the recording if all students are in accord. If you need to miss the first class, it’s best to reschedule the course entirely.

If you already know you’re going to be missing a class, best check with Inge before signing up to create a plan.

If it’s your intention to do the Reiki Certificate in a cohort, book a certification call with Inge. She will walk you through everything you need to know.

If you want to do all the courses included in the Certificate, but at your own pace, we recommend Reiki I or Healing Presence as great starting points.

If you start with individual courses and decide to do the certificate in a cohort at a later date,

Reiki I is a great entry to the program. We recommend starting with it or with Healing Presence. If you do it now and decide to commit to the Reiki Certificate at a later date, you will redo Reiki I, and will be credited $100 off the certification program.

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